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Egremni beach Egremni is one of the most beautyfull beaches on Lefkada. It is located about 45km. either from the city Lefkada or Nidri. It is famous because the only way to come to beach is that you must pass 350 stairs. There are two small cantinas, one before you start going down and the other is down on the beach, prices are similar to any other bars on the island. Also Egremni is known for big waves that come about every day after 5 or 6.

If you are going to beach from east side, you should go through Vasilliki and Ag.Petros and than turn left to Dragano and go all the way straight passing Athani. After few kilometers from there you have turning right for Egremni beach and you are down to parking in about 7-10 minutes. But if you are coming from the city Lefkada the way to Egremni beach is passing through Tsoukalades, Ag.Nikitas, Kalamitsi then after a while you are turning right to Dragano and than the same way as it is above.

Good advice for this beach also is to don't stay near rocks because lillte stones can fall from up. There are also sun-beds with umbrella, price is around 9 euros. When going down to beach or up to car, is good thing to take 2 small botles of water and make a few rests on your way.

Egremni beach Egremni beach Egremni beach
Egremni stairs Egremni stairs Egremni stairs
Egremni beach Egremni volleyball Egremni waves
Egremni beach Egremni waves Egremni waves
Egremni waves Egremni waves Egremni beach
Egremni beach
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