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Kalamitsi beach Kalamitsi is well known for its rocks in sea, that makes the pleasure being in water bigger. Kalamitsi beach, is named after the village Kalamitsi, which you must pass if you wish to go to beach. Also there can be big waves like at any beach on west side but here it is differnt because you have rocks that makes every wave different and more powerfull.

If you are coming either form east side or Lefkada city your destination must be village Kalamitsi and from ther you just get down to beach. The road is a bit narrow but there is new asphalt so you don't have to worry so much. From picture one until you get down to beach you need about 10 to 15 minutes, but you must be carefull with breaks of car to don't burn them, so you should break as much as you can with gears. You just follow the directions on pictures and you will get to the beach without a problem.

Here you have small parking place, so if you don't come earlier you will must park on one side of narrow road and it can be difficult. You have only one cantina that has enough supplies for every day. Also here you have sun-beds with umbrella, price is around 8 euros.

Kalamitsi road Kalamitsi road Kalamitsi road
Kalamitsi road Kalamitsi road Kalamitsi parking
Kalamitsi parking Kalamitsi beach Kalamitsi beach
Kalamitsi beach Kalamitsi beach Kalamitsi waves
Kalamitsi road
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