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In the last 10 years we were proposing accommodations to many people, giving them suggestions about everything they wanted to know, so we made this site, to bring you closer to the island of Lefkada.

We try to give you information we consider is usefull for you, based on our experiences all these years with tourists.

We are well known on the island, a lot of people know us, so all we do is done by word.

We want to show you the hole Lefkada, before you come for you holiday, so you can know what to see, to do, to visit, where to go immediately, where to go at the end, and much more...

Here you will find restaurants, cafes, clubs, shops, mini-marktes and other things. Also information and pictures of places and beaches, all around the island.

Also if you want to book some accommodation but a bit affraid to do it by your self, we can help you just feel free to contact us.

E-mail: ( for any information you need ) ( for advertisement or any relationship offer ) ( for any suggestion about the web-site or any comment you want to give )


Greece: +30-6946-344-387

Greece, Lefkada, Amaksikis 19, 31100

CLOSE Thealos Village Villa Maria