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Lefkada Hospital The Lefkada hospital follows the island’s history and is visibly affected by it.

It began its operation as an Italian brotherhood and a school for the poor.

It later on adjusts its services to cover the need of the population for medical care.

In fact its story begins in 1953 when it is legalized by a royal decree and is comprised by a pathological, surgical and obstetric department.

In 1964 the Municipality of Lefkada gave to the hospital a plot of land for the construction of a new hospital wing, while in 1986 following a ministerial decision it was reformed and designated as the Lefkada General Hospital.

According to the ministerial decision, sources of income, the purpose and the services provided by the hospital were specified from the beginning.

Today the hospital consists of 13 departments. Four laboratories and the artificial kidney unit among them are new. The hospital has under its jurisdiction one Medical Center and 10 peripheral clinics and employs 224 people.

During the year 2004 it provided medical services to 56.000 patients.

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